Jacinta Wohl


Jacinta Wohl - Massage TherapistJacinta graduated from Blanchard Valley Academy of Massage Therapy of Findlay, Ohio in 2019 and received her license through the State Medical Board of Ohio in early 2020.


Jacinta believes our bodies have incredible capacity for healing, which can be fostered through therapeutic touch. For her, massage is a balance of science and intuition, a way to help clients become aware and connect to their bodies.


Jacinta believes that massage is an important facet of self-care, alongside a healthy diet, rest, and intentional movement. She creates space for her clients to let go of both physical and mental stress and believes massage can be a powerful tool for improving mental health, through calming the nervous system and engaging parasympathetic response.


Jacinta is very happy to join the team at the Wellness Center and is eager to learn as much as she can from her fellow bodyworkers. She looks forward to helping her clients feel their best!