Cindy Sprau

MSN, FNP, ARNP-BC, Certified Biote® Provider

A dedicated and compassionate Family Nurse Practitioner, Cindy is accomplished in multiple clinical care roles providing leadership for comprehensive evaluations and assessments to develop treatment plans, deliver top quality care for patients in family, adult, geriatric and acute care in hospitals, home health care, assisted living, travel care and rehabilitation environments.


Multifaceted and extremely capable nursing leader, Cindy is adept in diverse areas of care including health and wellness programs, pain management, weight loss support, disease management, hormone therapy , FMT sport taping, advanced injections, and palliative home health care to optimize patient care and support in any setting.


Knowledgeable nurse practitioner, Cindy uses strategic insight, clarity in identifying clinical needs, and sharp planning abilities with a focus on integrity, transparency, compassion, innovation, and relationship building to enhance the performance of the health system and always strive to improve the overall health and well-being of the people she serves and their communities.

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