Sarah R. Bergstrand


Sarah BergstrandSarah Bergstrand graduated from The Blanchard Valley Academy of Massage Therapy in Findlay, OH, in 2008 and earned her license to practice Massage Therapy in early 2009.  She spent the next 12 years raising a family and practicing Swedish and deep tissue massage for a small clientele in Bluffton, OH.  She has worked with people of all ages from children up to elders and understands that clients have different needs and goals in receiving their massage treatment.

Sarah believes that massage is beneficial for everyone whether it is a foot rub to a full body 90-minute massage.  The increase in blood flow and energy circulation is wonderful for our busy minds and bodies, not to mention the release of oxytocin through positive touch, which is a powerful antidote to stress.  She employs a combination of massage techniques, deep tissue manipulation, and stretches to provide the best possible outcome for her clients.